About Tido

We have created a new, dynamic environment where publishers can bring their sheet music to life and where users can interact with exclusive video, audio, tutorials and historical context, thereby enriching their experience.

Tido was founded in 2012, when conductor and editor, Brad Cohen, came together with one of the world’s leading music publishers, Edition Peters. In 2015, we partnered with Faber Music to create the award-winning Mastering the Piano with Lang Lang music appThis year we launched Tido Music, a powerful new app set to transform the way music students, teachers, performers and enthusiasts discover, learn and play.

Our digital platform serves the global music market, delivering enhanced digital editions developed in collaboration with leading publishers, labels and artists. Our unique emergence from the publishing world means that serving and understanding the needs of students, teachers, performers, publishers and enthusiasts is in our DNA!


Our team

We pride ourselves in reimagining how learning and performing music can be experienced across devices. At every stage of building our platform, we approach our challenges with creativity, skill and the desire to deliver extraordinary products that make a difference.

To accomplish this, Tido has brought together an international team with diverse talents, from software development and publishing to television broadcast, gaming and interactive design. Our founder, Brad Cohen began his career as a chorister and music copyist, and his wide-ranging experiences as a performer and editor were what inspired him to develop Tido. The needs of the 21st century musician are always at the forefront of our minds.

Get in touch

If you would like to get in touch, please email hello@tido-music.com. You can also visit our Support Page if you need any help when using our apps.

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