Tido Music app, May 2016

The latest test version of Tido Music is ready for download. You will get an email from TestFlight with instructions on how to install the app. Read the notes below to see which features you should focus on.

What to test

Note: you will not be charged for purchasing content.

New features in this version:

Tido Store: Volume page

  • New design
  • ‘About the composer’ section available for free
  • Masterclass now contains piece (sheet music & tools)
  • Volume contains ‘further reading’ sections (only accessible after volume purchase)
  • Creating an account via email or Facebook is now required for making purchases.

The following features are unchanged from the earlier version but can still be tested:

Tido Store

  • Preview content
  • ‘Purchase’ content (note: you will not be charged)
  • Download content


  • Explore
  • Performance


  • Sheet music reader (for reading / playing)
  • Toolbar help / tips
  • Tool: Playback
  • Tool: Auto-paging

Other features are still under development and may not be fully functional.